Load-balancing - Error loading Argo Tunnel data. Refresh to try again

Good afternoon,

I’ve just recently setup an account with Cloudflare and testing the load-balancing functionality using Argo tunnels. When I setup an Argo tunnel without load-balancing I can see the tunnel show up under the Traffic tab in the Argo Tunnels section. The website responds as expected.

If I then try to setup the Argo tunnel using a load-balancer pool using the command below, the Load Balancing pool shows up but under the Argo Tunnels section it says “Error loading Argo Tunnel data. Refresh to try again.”

.\Cloudflared.exe tunnel --hostname example.domain.com --url http://localhost:80 --lb-pool my-lb-pool

The website loads but I’m wondering if this is this expected or is something not working right.


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