Load balancing, DNS A record and where to point domain name



Hi, confused. I have 4 origin servers – 2 in the east coast (primary pool) and 2 in the west (secondary).

where do I point my domain name?

How do I configure an A record to work with the load balancer?




When you create a Load Balancer on Cloudflare, you have two options:

  1. Create it with a unique hostname - e.g. lb.example.com - where no existing DNS record shares the same name.
  2. Create it with the same hostname as an existing DNS record - e.g. www.example.com (Load Balancer) - where www.example.com may already exist as an A, AAAA or CNAME record.

In the case of #2, the Load Balancer will supersede the DNS record if the DNS record is an A, AAAA or CNAME record. It will not supersede other record types.

  • Disabling the Load Balancer by toggling it to “Off” in the Cloudflare dashboard, or by setting “enabled”: false via the API will cause the existing DNS record to be served again.
  • If there is no existing DNS record with the same name, disabling a Load Balancer will prevent clients from resolving the host and traffic will fail.


Thanks! what if you have a secondary pool?


It shouldn’t matter as the load balancer is what is hit when visitors access the domain/subdomain created for the load balanacer and that directs you to the pools you have linked to load balancer.

I haven’t played with Cloudflare load balancer since it’s beta testing stage(back end only configurable via API no GUI) but should be same as Load balancer offered now.

Here’s a diagram I did for when i tested Cloudflare load balancer for me to make sense of the moving parts of such a Cloudflare LB config



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