Load Balancing disabled but still generating costs

Load Balancing doesn’t seem to want to be disabled.
I have no monitors or pools configured, I have eliminated the load balancers, but the service continues to bill me $5 per month!
Some time ago I already opened ticket #2345249
As you can see from that ticket, the help I received is rather little or none.
Also, if Load Balancing is still charging, I haven’t received the support I needed.
I need Load Balancing to stop charging $5 a month. I repeat that the service is disabled, but for some reason, Cloudfare seems to ignore it.
Can someone from the support service help me to solve this problem?
(please do not send me more support and documentation url links that do not work, the ones related to Load Balancing I have already read and they have not helped me to cancel the service).
Thank you

Is Load Balancing cancelled in https://dash.cloudflare.com/?to=/:account/billing/subscriptions ?

it seems that NO, is not cancelled

It shows: " Load Balancing is active"
Even though i tried to cancel it

In my previous case I already commented on this, I have even found many other tickets related to this problem, and I am not the only one.

It would be great if Cloudfare support provided a direct solution to this problem.
Thanks for your time KianNH.

I’m still waiting for help from Cloudfare support t o checkmy account and tell me how to permanently disable Load Balancing.

Any update? …
Does Cloudflare support will solve this problem at once?

I keep paying for a service that seems to be impossible to deactivate, even following the steps that Cloudflare support says.
The problem really is that the panel and the options of the services have been modified to make the management of the services more and more difficult.
So when you activate certain services, even if you go to the “Billing” section, it is impossible to deactivate them from there.
Well, I’ll keep writing until Cloudflare gives me an answer.
I’ve been paying for “Load Balancing” for months, while I’m not using it, imagine the money I’m giving away to Cloudflare for nothing…
I also asked their support for help months ago and nothing, they didn’t help at all.

I will keep posting and complaining until I receive a response and solution from Cloudflare.

The Community has no access to view Support tickets.

I see no record of this ticket # in the Community or escalation queue.

I’ve added it to the queue and someone will most likely check on it tomorrow.


I want to emphasize again that it is NOT POSSIBLE to deactivate the subscription. Even though I have already deactivated my premium plan and now use the free one, but it is impossible to deactivate “Load Balancing” and “Argo”:

Honestly I’m very tired, I find it incredible that there is no button to “deactivate” or “unsubscribe from this service”.

I will continue to wait for Cloudflare support, or continue to flood the internet space with my message, until they deign to support me and fix this issue.

Thanks to those who replied to this article.

That’s already cancelled, no?

“Ending on” means that’s when you’ll lose access since it won’t renew.

Yes, that’s what it looks like.
But for months, that appears: “Ending on” , and the date of the next month appears.
Then comes the date that it says there, in the “Ending on” section, they charge me, and a new date appears, next month! omg … it is an infinite loop of a service impossible to cancel.

Pueden revisar mi publicación de hace 5 meses, donde ya se puede apreciar que estaba cancelado en Enero 2022. Y sin embargo, estamos en Mayo y sigue cobrando mensualmente:

Hi there,

My name is Ivan from the Cloudflare support team, and I have followed up on your ticket #2345249

I’ve gone ahead and manually disabled your Load Balancing subscription, and we are truly sorry that you experienced this issue.
Additionally, I’m forwarding a follow up ticket to our billing department for further analysis.

Once again: apologies for the inconvenience.

Kind regards.

Good, thanks for that.

Thank you so much
I appreciate that finally someone from cloudfare support addresses this problem that the platform offers
But there is one thing pending: Refund
I want to recover the money that they have been charging me without giving me a Load Balancing service, since I have not used Load Balancing and it was already disabled by me.

you can see this has been since June 2021. That’s 14 months. Not even in the previous support request that I have linked, they knew how to give me a solution to this, and they have continued to charge me.
Please refund the money charged by Load Balancing since then. You can check in the invoices that I have not used the service and it was disabled but I was still billing $5 per month automatically.

I would also ask you to disable Argo as well, as it seems to be the same as Load Balancing. I disabled it but it is still active and there is no humane way to find an “unsubscribe from this service” button.

So if it doesn’t help me with Argo as well, I’m afraid that soon I’ll have to open other threads with the same problem but affecting Argo.
Please take a closer look at why these things are happening on your platform. It cannot happen that a user tries to deactivate a service but it is impossible to do so.

Thanks for your attention.
I’m waiting for news.

Hi @eltallerdelbit,
Our team has provided you with the refund that they are able to and left your account with a credit which will apply to your monthly recurring invoices until used.


Thank you
I appreciate the work and the management carried out
What happens is that I no longer use the premium account due to these problems, now I use the free account.
So I am really afraid that I will run into the same problem again if I activate another service to consume that credit that they have placed in my account.

Hi @eltallerdelbit,
This will be addressed by our team in your ticket as we cannot resolve this in the community.

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