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Hi…I have a site that does flash sales and from time to time is overwhelmed with traffic. After many failures we have separated the database to it’s own server and was recommended to place the web files (mirrored on two additional servers) and files such as images and other web files are synced every 60 seconds. Would load balancing spread the load between both servers, effectively increasing the overall processing power? From what I have read it seems to be more of a fail safe if one server is having issues…OR say if there are 1000 users and the server is reaching it’s limit does it in turn use the other server to process additional orders…would be nice to be able to call tech support at CF but that does not seem possible.

If load balancing would effectively increase the amount of processes that can be handled overall (we are now maxing out the single server web/dB on one box configuration causing database connection issues) would I place 1 server in each of two pools?

The sales are over in a matter of seconds sometimes…can anyone give me insight as to if this solution is the correct one.

All three servers are in the same physical location…do you think the second (mirrored) web server will only add redundancy not multiply power…I have increased the FPM pool settings and are matched on both…Now I am overwhelming a 48 core commercial class server…the CDN and under attack mode help but not drastically

You can run load balancing in a number of ways.
Cloudflare Load Balancing

You can run multiple servers in a pool and split the load (by default… load is evenly distributed in a pool, but you can do custom weighted load balancing). Weighted load balancing · Cloudflare Load Balancing.

Load balancing can also do geo-steering (doesn’t sound relevant here with all origins in the same location).

Or it can be run in an Active/ Passive manner. Load balancers · Cloudflare Load Balancing

You might also look at our recently introduced Waiting Room feature which is designed for things like Flash sales to reduce operational loads on servers. Cloudflare Waiting Room

We have thought about a waiting room concept but there is such a limited amount of product that it would be all gone before many people could enter.

As far as weighted load balancing if I did a 50 50 split would it handle 50% of the requests on one server and 50 on the other? GETing and POSTing from each independent origine server to the one database?

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