Load balancing configuration

Around “Load balancing” when customers use your service we only want to use it easily and specifically, I bought your “Load balancing” but I can’t find anything specified in the manual to be able to use it,

  1. Load balancing solves the only problem of making access from different continents better and more user-friendly.

  2. We operate in Asia, Europe and America, so we need you to have a common configuration for each continent, after buying we just need to click on.

  3. If not you need to give us specific instructions to configure all 3 continents in the simplest way, I really see you create a lot of services to make money from customers, but I don’t see you create a helpful support center.

We need specific instructions to fill out the form quickly, thanks.

Are you using the documentation here


Based on the screen shots you shared, the steps to create a pool are documented here,


Thanks for the help, from my understanding I only have one origin server and Cloudfare will allocate it to the regional servers right? Or do I need to provision my own servers for Asia, Europe, America and you are just a routing instructor?

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