Load Balancing Analytics - strange results?

Hi folks… Looking at the new LB Analytics - good dashboard though I am seeing something strange.

We have two pools, with one origin IP address each, both with same weight and yet the LB Analytics shows 100% of traffic coming through only one of the pools.

Is it the LB Analytics dashboard showing the wrong information, or the LB is not working as intended?


Do you have CF load balancer session affinity enabled https://support.cloudflare.com/hc/en-us/articles/115001771451-Load-Balancing-Session-Affinity ?

Session Affinity by Cloudflare Cookie

Cloudflare will set a cflb cookie with a unique value on the first response to the requesting client. On consequent requests with the same cookie, requests will be routed to the same origin.

In the event of a failover, Cloudflare will set a new cookie to reflect that requests should now be send to the failover pool.

Might need to contact CF tech support to get to the bottom of this though.

Thanks… This is not the case - and even so, I would expect Load Balancing to do exactly that and not serve 100% from a single pool.

Waiting to see if CF support comment on this.

This is a community forum so Cloudflare support doesn’t monitor the forum. If you want t have a comment from them you’d need to open a support ticket. If your pools are configured for failover (the default when configuring a load balancer) then this sounds like exactly what one would expect to see. The primary pool is used unless unavailable then traffic would route to the failover pool.

Thank you, makes sense…

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