Load balancing analytics not matching actual availability

Hi all,

(Sorry if this is in the wrong category - I think this would be a support question, but we are using a free account with paid load-balancing add-on and that does not seem to qualify for support)

We have a server connected by 3 different ISP lines. These 3 lines have regular outages but are the best we can get here and our server is location-bound. Therefore we use CF’s (paid) load balancer to provide redundant connection to our site.

We see the load-balancing analytics on CF’s web page and notice the shifts as ISP lines go up and down. For example, on Nov 3rd we see one entry (see table in the image below)

However, we have had some complaints from customers not being able to reach our site at the same day where your CF Load Balancing Analytics do not show any downtime (note the timestamps in the 2 screenshots):

Would you know why that is happing if there is anything that could be done to minimise downtime ?

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