Load Balancing - All Origins Used (CNAME)

Hi. I have my website being monitored from www.mysite.com. However, I also have a CNAME which is test.mysite.com and I want to add this to the load balance monitoring.

You have used 3 of 20 Load Balancers included in your plan.
You have used 2 of 20 Pools included in your plan.
You have used 2 of 2 Origins included in your plan.

How can I do this? If I try, it says I’m out of origins.


If you go to the Traffic app, load balancing tab and select Configure additional features you can purchase more origins.

How can I see what origins I’m currently using? I don’t know why 2/2 are being used.

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Just below the option to configure features you should see a section called Manage Load Balancers Modify or delete configured Load Balancers.

Ah okay I see now. Was a bit hidden but I found it.

I have a Primary and Secondary and I can re-use these (you just need to click them from the drop-down when setting up another load balancer).

Thanks :blush:

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