Load balancing adds 3s delay before sending request to upstream

I’m testing your Load Balancing and am experiencing a 3 second delay (to a static return 200) url. The delay seems to be on the request side, it takes 3s for the request to end up in the correct origin (with policy random).

However, I have no method of debugging this. I did a very simple test:

while true; do time curl "https://pool.DOMAIN/up?$(($(date +%s%N)/1000000))"; sleep 1; done resulting in:

dc request seen at webserver request sent by client cf request latency
sdc 1576142852.476 1576142849.317 3.1590001583099365
sdc 1576142853.562 1576142853.497 0.06500005722045898
sbp 1576142857.807 1576142854.580 3.2269999980926514
sdc 1576142858.890 1576142858.825 0.06500005722045898
sbp 1576142859.982 1576142859.907 0.07500004768371582
sbp 1576142864.170 1576142861.000 3.1700000762939453
sdc 1576142868.347 1576142865.188 3.1589999198913574
sbp 1576142869.442 1576142869.367 0.07499980926513672
sbp 1576142870.535 1576142870.472 0.06300020217895508
sbp 1576142871.626 1576142871.552 0.07399988174438477
sdc 1576142875.806 1576142872.644 3.1619999408721924
sdc 1576142881.086 1576142881.009 0.07699990272521973

I hope this is not to be expected - am I experiencing a bug?

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I completely understand how this sounds like a PEBKAC situation but for me this is pretty important. To help debugging this I’ve collected a few RAY’s which I hope helps anyone give me a pointer of who’s to blame.

These requests all took ~ 3.1 seconds - for as far as I can see this is caused by cloudflare:

  • 5480271c3abcc82f-AMS
  • 5480273da9abc847-AMS
  • 548027579a7dc791-AMS
  • 548027718be872f9-AMS
  • 5480278b9844bf5a-AMS
  • 548027ac5e3dc79d-AMS

This issue seems pretty consistent.

These will only help support. You will need to open a support ticket in this case.

Thanks for your reply. I realize only cloudflare can use these. However - I don’t see any method of contacting cf - all their support pages redirect to this forum as the suggested support-tool. Am I missing something?



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