Load Balancing across different regions


I have two origin servers running across Asia & US which I wish to load balance based on geo-routing
to the closest server.

Presently I have just moved into using Cloudflare from Route 53 which offers this feature.

How do I implement this in Cloudflare? Wish to get clarified before I commit to the paid load balancing
subscription charges.

Thank you.

You would do this with Cloudflare’ Load Balancing, first creating pools for your servers (one US and one Asia) and then creating Geo Routing and placing the pools in the region in the order you wish for the regions.



Thanks for your reply. Can you please give me an estimate on the monthly
subscription charges for this setup assuming i will have the minimum 500k queries.

I am unclear on the charges since I will be creating two pools as per my understanding
and I will need to configure the priority of which pool to choose first for each of the
regions for geo routing to the closest origin server. At present each pool will be only
having one origin server and the failover will be to the other origin server in the other
pool. Health checks in 60 seconds is fine with me and checking from one neutral region
for health checks is enough.

As per my understanding with the above setup, my monthly subscription charges shall
be USD 15 in total [USD 5 for minimum 2 Oirigin Server + USD 10 for Geo Routing].
Please confirm if I am right. Thanks once again!!!

Can anyone update on my above query? Thanks!!!

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