Load Balancing Across 3 different cloud providers

I’m trying to sort out my load balancing. I have the following working:

azure-app-service.mydomain-com (Azure Web App Service)
mydomain.com.s3-website.ca-central-1.amazonaws-com (Amazon S3 static site)
gcs-eu.mydomain.com (Google GCS Static site)

I want www.mydomain-com and mydomain-com to load balance across any 3 of these origins.

I created an LB called lb.mydomain-com with 3 origin pools each with one of the above.

I’ve created a CNAME to point mydomain-com and www.mydomain-com to lb.mydomain-com

It seems to work, but I get some oddities from time to time. Amazon works ok for “mydomain-com” but when I go to www.mydomain-com Amazon redirects to https, which I never turned on, and the page doesn’t load.

Azure doesn’t load it gives me a 404 - I believe this ie because my browser is looking for “mydomain-com” and Azure doesn’t have a site called “mydomain-com” it has azure-app-service.mydomain-com

Finally Google I think is a google issue, it works fine in edge but not in chrome, cant’ find the bucket from Chrome but works finie in Edge.

I think most of this would solve itself if I did a redirect to the corresponding cloud URL.


My issue is that both Azure and Google want to resond to their configured names yet are seeing mydomain.com in the http/1.1 host header, which they don’t know, this suggests I might need to use page rules getting this to work.

Anyone done this?

:wave: @paulm,

Yes if the host doesn’t exist on those cloud providers you can just create a page rule which redirects www.example.com/* to example.com$1 and make sure your www is :orange: in the DNS control panel.


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