Load balancers

Hello, I bought a load balancer subscription since my site is under attack. However, it seems to not load even after I enabled load balancers. However, one of the pools I made is returning an error “Response code mismatch error” I set the origin pools to be backup cloudflare ips as well as the main ip of my website. I’m new to this so I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. Can I get any help?

You do have more than one server, right?

I only have one server (dedicated server) and cpanel, so I guess that could be why? Could the backup cloudflare ips not be working?

In that case you should cancel your subscription again. The whole idea of load balancing is to use more than one server.

Hmm, so cloudflare backup ips won’t work? Maybe I should use WAF then.

Which backup IP addresses? Load balancing has nothing to do with the proxies but is solely origin related.

If I check the stats of my website on check-host.net, it tells me the ip range is so I just put a random ip from there on the load balancers page. Would that work?

These are the IP addresses of the proxies and are not related to your server or load balancing. You most certainly cant enter them as origin servers as you’d essentially go in circles.

If you want to use load balancing you will need more than one server.

I see. So I should’ve bought a WAF instead?

WAF is a completely different feature. That will be complementary to the firewall you already have and could (but does not necessarily have to) improve your site’s security.

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