Load balancer woes

We’re having some users complain about Cloudflare error screens when accessing web site.
The site was recently moved to Load Balancing scenario (but I did left old A/CNAME records in DNS table), I was under impression that once load balancer is in place it overrides all dns settings for the domain (it appears as LB entry in the DNS table).
At the same time the last time Traffic section reported Pool errors was yesterday at 17:10.

I can say that when visiting your website, it loads extremely slow. TTFB (the time it takes for your web server to compute and render all the HTML) is 10+ seconds for the first request, then subsequent (cached) request seem to load pretty fast.

My suggestion is to manually test the different IP addresses of your origin servers by setting them in your HOSTS file and making sure they don’t take too long to load.

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