Load Balancer with proximity steering not working

Hi there,
we want to use a load balancer to reduce initial request latency in the US in addition to our server in Germany.

(1) Our servers are hosted on AWS ELB
(2) We have setup two origins, one in eu, one in us-west
(3) The load balancer is setup in the DNS settings with subdomain api.domain.com
(4) We set proximity steering, meaning the user closer to either of them will be directed to the server
(5) Fallback is the EU server

The routing to the EU-Server it works fine.
The problem is the server in US.
As soon the user should connect to that server (we tested with VPN), the connection fails/timeouts with a 523 Error.

We set up heath-check for both servers, both of them show status ok.

Does anyone have an idea what could be the cause that routing to the us server fails?

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