Load-Balancer with one static IP


I recently experienced a significant DDOS attack on my hosting provider, prompting me to explore load balancing and failover solutions. :sweat_smile:

Here’s my current setup:
Server #1 - hosting domain1 .com, domain2. com, and domain3. com.

My understanding is that I can implement a Cloudflare load balancer at the account level to distribute traffic among all the domains hosted on server #1. Is this correct?

Given that the websites rely on different APIs that may grant access to specific IPs (and sometimes only one IP), I’m wondering how I can ensure that both of my servers, once set up, are accessed through the same IP. Is it possible to assign an IP to the load balancer and use it for this purpose? Can I configure this directly within Cloudflare?

I would greatly appreciate any advice on setting up this configuration.

Thank you!

No it’s not. Load balancing balances requests between origins. With a single origin load balancing will not make a difference. Look at the following links for DDoS related mitigations: