Load Balancer UI =>Origin Pools setup help

Hello everyone.

I’ve looked everywhere for a detailed tutorial about how to setup the Load Balancing Traffic add-on subscription and I’ve seen some 2/3 year old videos on YouTube by Cloudflare and the most recent one dated August 12th [https://youtu.be/yjD136piimk] , but I am having a hard time trying to make sense of origin servers section.

My Setup:
I have two VPS servers (one IP per server) both running on CWP7 PRO (Centos cPanel) and hosting multiple domains sharing the two IPs.

I am pretty much stuck on “Creating Origin Pools”. As far as I understood from documentation and videos, you need to have at least two origins per pool, but how can I create two pools with two origins each with a single IP per server?

On the first pool, I added both IPs (vps-server-1 + vps-server-2), but the hostname/domain points to vps-server-1 (vps-server-2 IP points to another domain).
I am very, very confused. I though it would be as simple as Argo subscription.

There are not limitations here. You can have one Origin in a pool without issue. What type of load balancing are you trying to do? Just availability, or Traffic Steering?

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Hello Michael and thanks for the reply.

Most likely traffic steering (I am just testing options and determine what better suits my needs).
Note: I also subscribed to Argo which I think is a better return for the investment and really don’t know if Load Balancing will benefit my setup at all, but willing to try.

Hi Jpichardo7,

Based on the image you displayed above, you have created two pools with two origins per pool. As Michael has mentioned, you can put one origin in a pool if you’d like and that is perfectly fine. Some users do this so they can failover pool to pool depending on their type or system architecture. But, putting more origins in a pool is perfectly fine and allows per origin weighting within the pool to ensure you have the control and granularity to determine the spread of traffic across your servers.

Were you able to create the setup you were originally aiming for? Also, if you’d like, I’d love to chat about the specific items that lent to confusion around the setup and how we can ensure this process is as streamlined and intuitive as possible.

Also, our traffic steering is incredibly fast and supports immediate failover to ensure your users are never shown errors, maximise your application uptime and ensure your end users have the best and performant experience possible.

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