Load balancer steering on degraded

Hey Guys,

Today we’re using the load balancer with a geo steering but when Cloudflare recognized that one of our pool is not available the traffic is not redirect to the other (available) pool.

Can we have a geo steering when all pools are available and steering of the working pool on degraded ?


That’s against the whole purpose of load balancing (LB). Is the healthy pool attached?


I think this feature is a default load balancer behaviour so I’m not sure what we’re doing wrong.
Our health check is working (we’re checking for 200 response code) we’re getting the emails from Cloudflare when the pool is down, if we disabled the pool manually the steering is working.

please advise.

I see now under Geo steering we attached for each region only one pool, maybe this is the reason ?
Do we need to add both pools to each region so the first pool in the list will be the default and if the pool not available the traffic will redirect to the second pool ?

That’s what I’m trying to say. LB chooses from available pools attached.

Thank you very much @Xaq :slight_smile:

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