Load Balancer Session Affinity not working correctly

The usual [email protected] address is the one, the ticket will be auto-closed because you’re on Free but please post the # here.

The struggle continues…

What would you advise?

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I’ll escalate your post for the next Cloudflare agent to check on this, as other users already have tickets opened I imagine an update will be posted here. The general issue has been escalated and is still awaiting an update…

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We have also suffered this issue. We have had to temporally disable Cloudflare’s load balancing and use a single origin, because this issue was being very annoying for our users. Our ticket number is 2367108

Any update on this @domjh?

The tickets from other users in the thread were escalated but there is no update that I have seen yet. I will update the thread here if I hear anything.

Does that mean that my issue isn’t being investigated because I was unable to create a ticket using the process provided?

I did reply asking if you wanted me to DM you account and domain info but that reply was temporarily hidden by a system process and has not been unhidden yet despite me adding a reply asking for an update on the review.

Your issue has been added to the same escalation as all the others in this thread. They are being investigated together so assuming it’s the same issue then that’s fine. If the issue is resolved and you are still having separate problems then that can be looked at later.

I don’t work for Cloudflare or have any access to see your account so that would not help.

Forgive my ignorance @domjh, if you don’t work for Cloudflare then how are you able to escalate tickets?

I would very much like to receive an official email from Cloudflare stating that they are looking into this for me – is that possible?

The MVPs here are volunteers but we have more permissions on the community than regular users. We can add ticket numbers to a queue for customer support to review but cannot see the ticket or anything else internal.

I honestly doubt you will get that unless the zone is on a paid plan (not just an add-on). You can see the staff response above. I’ll see if someone can open a ticket for you.


@Nosco I’ve opened a ticket for you, under #2371295, and I’ve made some profile changes on the Support portal that should fix any access problem you may have submitting tickets.

If you have issues responding to our messages, please use https://support.cloudflare.com, and definitely reach out to Google about the spam categorization, as I don’t see you in the suppression list.


We are experiencing exactly the same issue. Started about 10 days ago with no changes at our end.

Have others had this issue resolved or been able to track it down ?

I was about to post a new thread, but found this one.

We are seeing the same issue here - we use a load balancer with 2 origin pools, and 1 origin in each. Session affinity is set by Cloudflare cookie and Client IP fallback.

Traffic Steering is off, so all traffic normally ends up at a single origin pool / origin.

We had an issue with our primary origin, so traffic was diverted to our second origin. After our primary recovered, we started getting reports of customers getting randomly logged out - after analysis, we found occasionally requests were ending up at the other origin.

Disappointed to see that this issue has been ongoing now for over a month - will open a ticket as well.

Hi Daniel, the same issue here. Our ticket number is 2375129.
We also had to temporally use a single origin.

@Nosco I have updated the Engineering ticket and thank you for providing the test page. I can see the intermittent session switch happening between your 2 Origins.

Please give us some more time to look into this.


Hi @dani5 ,

I have responded back on your ticket.
If you can provide some test logs or additional test process for us to compare it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

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#2372821 is our ticket we have.

I’ve included a HAR as requested, however it really doesn’t provide much as the requested origin is the exact same.
I’ve also included screenshot logs from both of our Origins to show that we had noticed it switching from our side as well, as typically it is hitting one of our API points when it fails.

Otherwise any more information is greatly appreciated so we provide access to our secondary origin.

I have sent 5 days ago the HAR and I have no answer on the ticket 2371257.
I am disappointed with the support of my business plan.

Thanks Oshariff for your quick response.

Given that this is also a problem for other users, easy to reproduce, I don’t think it makes much sense to carry out a generic test. I also don’t know how to do it to be useful to you.

It does tell you that origin changes happen randomly. Sometimes it works for hours and sometimes it fails continuously. I have seen the error more when making POST calls but also with GET calls. The error does not depend on the device either, since I have verified that they also occur on computers (someone said in the thread that it only happened on mobile phones).
I also verified that it did not depend on the browser, since I tried in Chrome and FIrefox.

Do you have any progress on this topic?

Thanks in advance.

Have the same problem here since 10/12 days ago. We´ve disabled the second origin for a while cause our customer were facing several problems in the application.

Our ticket is: 2376253