Load Balancer Session Affinity not working correctly

Load Balancer Session Affinity not working correctly 12 hours ago cloudflare very often change ip address of websites that used pool , we used before By Cloudflare cookie only its was good untill now

we try By Cloudflare cookie and Client IP fallback , its give less problems but ip address changed sometimes 1/10 times

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We are also experiencing the same problem with a few clients, about 10% of the requests are randomly changing origin servers, even with Cookie and Client IP fallback active.
Problem started about 4 hours ago.

yes about 10% of the requests are randomly changing origin servers

but problem started long time ago , i think its was also before but just now its extremely bad working and we need change manythings for fix behavior of this event

after couple test we noticed that problem apear only on mobile device especially on ios

on pc ip not changed

Actually I think they solved it yesterday, does not seem to be happening anymore.

On monday when traffic increase and reach peak I’ll confirm.

Same here!
Not solved yet!!
Problem start 5 days ago. We have 2 domain, same problem.

Please Cloudflare, take a look!

Problem is not solved here as well, seems to be happening on random.

Same here… keep session between origins not working. Please Cloudflare, review that!

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Thanks for mentioning it. Can I get to know of some examples? It will be great for us to review 1 on a ticket. Can you open a support ticket detailing the issue?

I’ve opened a ticket a couple of weeks ago, and it was scaled up to engineering team, haven’t heard anything about it yet.
Our client decided to remove load balancer completely, unfortunately.

EDIT: He was using it for at least a couple of years.

Hello everyone

i andestend that cloudflare team don’t andestend what is a problem because nobody send exemple

i can explain how easy check what is a problem with session affinity even with ip

need setup any one domain to loadbalancer session affinity by cloudflare cookies
make one pool with for exemple just 2 servers
its bad working even with 2

make php code that will show you what is ip of server when you connect to https://somedomain.com/showmyip.php
you will see that 10% of trying you will get second server ip that shuld not happen

this is can easy reproduce only on iphone

on Windows its experiment not show this problem

i don’t know why but its happen only on mobile on ios moustly

sorry i not test is on android but you can

also i want to tell that problems in cloudflare make us stronger because we all ways looking for bypass solutions;-) this is seccond problem
now for websites solution only save tokens on the user side its avoid any problems even if cloudflare change ip

first big problem was not working 10% of request by on cloudflare servers and we make connection by ip between server connections

i hope cloudflare will fix session affinity and not broken what is working now
just fix
because peoples still use it how it is

Do you have the ticket number from that?

I have a ticket opened too at number #2348377

Ours is: #2345208

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I can see that we have escalated this ticket to our internal teams. We will share updates as we hear from them.

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I have also started having this issue with a domain that been using load balancing with session affinity with no issue until recently. I have tried to open a ticket but the support process has redirected me to the community forums here.

@AnjanaM, could you help me open a ticket please?

The situation is very inconvenient for my users.

As with those above, please post the ticket number here.

As mentioned, I was unable to open a ticket. Can you assist?

I presumed this was an email auto reply you received which should have included the ticket number. Is that not the case?

What plan is the domain on?

No email received. Happy to send one if you can provide an address.

Domain is on free plan with paid for load balancing.