Load balancer session affinity and multiple pools


My question is: Does session affinity work with multiple pools with random traffic steering enabled (for pools)? It seems like random steering between pools occurs before session affinity, so I’m not sure if the session will be affiliated with the same origin every time.

Thanks for the answer.

Session affinity is based on a client cookie and would be evaluated before pool assuming the pool is healthy / available.

Session affinity · Load balancing · Learning paths.

See also: Origin steering policies · Load balancing · Learning paths

Additionally, session affinity takes precedence over any selected weight or origin steering policy.

Thanks for the answer. My application needs to use cookie + IP session affinity. Currently, I have one pool with two origins, both with session affinity enabled (IP + cookie), and it works, but the traffic distribution is around 80/20%. I would like to fix that and make it closer to 50/50%. So, I thought maybe I could create two pools (each with one origin) with IP + cookie session affinity and enable random traffic steering. Do you think it could work?

Is it consistently 80/20 in the same direction? If so then perhaps a second pool with the same servers and different weighting, but in general you’ll consistently see unequal utilization with session affinity over short timeframes.

Fixed by moving origin to another pool , and enable least outstanding requests trafic steering .

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