Load balancer, route based on request IP address

Is it possible to set up the load balancer such that requests from a specific IP address are routed to a particular server while other requests go to the other server(s)?

This we we can test a new server or beta features internally before allowing access to everyone.

Load balancer can’t do that. You might need Cloudflare Workers instead:

Yeah CF Workers probably needed. Closest thing would be for CF Enterprise plan load balancer you can choose to use Geo Steering https://developers.cloudflare.com/load-balancing/understand-basics/traffic-steering/#geo-steering

Geo Steering directs traffic to pools based on the client’s region or PoP. Only domains on Enterprise plans can perform Geo Steering by PoP. Users specify the pools to which the load balancer should direct traffic for a given geographical region or PoP. You can assign multiple pools to the same region, and the load balancer will use them in failover order. If there is no configuration for a region or pool, the load balancer will use the default failover order.

Cloudflare has 13 geographic regions that span the world. The region of a client is determined by the region of the Cloudflare data center that answers the client’s DNS query. These regions are listed below, along with their region codes.

But that you’d be limited to isolating and routing traffic based on CF datacenter region and not IP.

If that is all you want to do, then you can just test internally with DNS host level overrides i.e. /etc/hosts bypassing Cloudflare

I think they still need to see what will happen to their new website when it’s proxied by Cloudflare.

Yeah if you need to see what happens on proxied Cloudflare that would be a different case and even CF Workers might not be able to cover all Cloudflare product preview cases i.e. CF Railgun, Argo/Argo Tiered cache would not be able to be previewed

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