Load Balancer - Reponse Code Mismatch Error

Trying to figure out how to get healthchecks to work. I keep getting a response Code mismatch error, but it doesn’t tell me the response code that is being returned. I used some external websites to test, and everything is returning code 200 OK. I have code 2xx in the response code match, and it still fails.


Right now you have 4xx in the response code match.

But either way the response code mismatch means when we connected to the origin we got a response code that didn’t match the pattern specified. If an origin / link is flaky a 521 or other origin timeout issue would also potentially cause a mismatch failure I believe.

Yes, I was trying to figure out which response code was being returned since the description was vague.

Any idea how to figure out why it’s returning a 404?


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You may want to set the host header in your health check https://support.cloudflare.com/hc/en-us/articles/115000002528-Load-Balancing-Health-Debugging-Failure-Reasons

I’m not getting a TLS mismatch. I’m getting an error code mismatch. the code thats being returned is 404, which doesn’t make any sense since i know the page is online.

Host header shows up in a couple of possible scenarios in that article. If you add mobile.retransfreight.com does the check then work?

i added it, and i’m still returning a 404.

Question: the health check uses the host header plus the domain for the check, correct?

for instance, my domain is retransfreight dot com. Is the health check going to https://retransfreight.com/healthcheck.html or is it going to https://mobile.retransfreight.com/healthcheck.html ?

The header name should be Host and the value mobile.retransfreight.com

*face palm.

I get it now. Sorry for the confusion! Thanks for the help! It’s working now!

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