Load Balancer Questions

We are looking to possibly move our DNS hosting to Cloudflare and setup load balancing for certain records and i had some questions.

  1. One thing we are trying to load balance is an ftps server on port 22. Is this supported on Orange Cloud or is Orange Cloud just for http(s)?

  2. If we setup a load balancer (orange cloud) will it have a static ip? Some of the people who connect to our server require an IP to white list on their outbound firewall. What ip would i give them and will it be IPv4 or IPv6 or have both options?

  3. in terms of billing my understanding is that with Orange cloud the end user connects to Cloudflares network and the data flows though that. Are their charges or caps based on bandwidth usage For Example if i transfer 1GB or data or 100GB or data a month is it still the same $5?

  4. If i want to load balance 2 different sites say an FTPS and a web server with different Origin servers would i just create 2 load balancers and be charged $10 a month?

  5. Are they any SLA or at least past statistics associated with the up time of the load balancer and clouldflare itself for the Free and Pro Teir?

  6. For regular DNS queries (not load balancer) is there a limit or billing consideration around how many queries we receive per month?

Hi @james999 - We don’t support proxying ftp and don’t issue static IPs. You are charged for # of DNS queries not bandwidth:


We only offer an SLA starting at the business plan and it isn’t specific to Load Balancing. And there shouldn’t be a limit as to the # of queries - just keep in mind that you are charged for those queries.

Today this would need to be :grey: as Cloudflare only supports proxying http/s and web socket traffic.

In this case since the record is :grey: the IPs returned would be your own. If it were an :orange: in another scenario it would be a fixed, but not static IP, meaning there is a chance we might move the IP to mitigate a DDoS attack. This happens very rarely. The :orange: would have both an IPv4 and IPv6 address unless you disabled IPv6 and you could look up the value we return in public DNS to give to customers.

See Ryan’s link for billing factors.

I think you’d create 1 LB, with a single pool containing 2 origins (which if I read the link Ryan gave should be $5 + DNS queries).


While LB isn’t exactly DNS alone (it’s a service which lives on top of our DNS) you can see our historical DNS uptime monitored by some 3rd parties including DNSperf.com. I’m not aware of a production outage since we rolled out LB, but we did have a brief period fo time recently where changes could not be made to the setting. It lasted approx 2 hours IIRC.




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