Load Balancer question!

Good day.

May I ask something?

I want to create a Load Balancer on Cloudflare.

Would you tell me how to configure it?

E.g., my domain and server configuration is as the below how should I set up?

Two hostnames for one address : www.111.com / 111.com

Those two hostname - www.111.com / 111.com is connected to the server address

In this case if I open new server with, how should I connect the hostnames. I mean in the Cloudflare and Apache set-up.

What I want is that if my customers access to one of www.111.com / 111.com, I want to allow my customers to connect to one of any good server( / which has no problem .

Would you please give me the method in detail?

:wave: @user4496,

Create a LB called lb.111.com. Add both server IP addresses to the pool.

Point www and 111.com to lb.111.com in DNS.


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