Load Balancer proximity steering is not accurate

I have LB with three pools, they all tagged with coordinates: Washington, Amsterdam, and Singapure.
The problem is that sometimes proximity steering is totally off - the ping from Tokyo returns Amsterdam Pool and not Singapore. The ping from Oslo returns to Washington pool but not Amsterdam.

Does it really work as explained in documentation? About 10% of queries are not correct.

For testing, I have used


What is your test link?

Are you using :orange: mode or :grey:?

This is the link https://v2.convertapi.com
If you would test it you will see that some of east Asian test resolves Singapore IP but several of them will be routed to East USA or Europe.

This is my previous test:

The ..*.40 IP is in Amsterdam but it resolved in United States, Dallas (DC139) too.

From your reply, I guess you are using the :grey: DNS only mode, right?


If I’m using DNS only mode, I will not expect that the DNS record will be resolved accurately based on the visitor’s geographical location - you will never know which DNS server is answering their queries and the DNS server the visitor is using might not always be located in the same location as the visitor.

Maybe another @MVP can help me explain in detail?

@tomas1 ~ here.

I kindly need your contributions here.

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