Load Balancer prerequisites - can it start with only one origin server

Load Balancer Prerequisites - can it start with only one origin server and that the additional is added later (we would initially like to use it for seamless system upgrades)?


I’m curious, given that load balancing is a paid feature, why would you? Assuming seamless system upgrades involves flipping over to a new IP, this can be done nearly instantly for :orange: DNS records as the web proxy/cache updates faster than the outwardly visible TTLs.

I expect you could set up a single origin server, but I haven’t personally tried it.

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You can use it with just a single origin. Doesn’t really balance load or failover though obviously :slight_smile:

As @thedaveCA mentioned if it is a :orange: record, modifying the target is effectively the same thing and doesn’t cost you anything. If you’re doing this though as part of a longer term plan where you will be adding a failover host or multiple origins then yes absolutely you can start with just a single origin.

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