Load balancer origin already in use message, despite disabling it

we had subscribe for three Cloudflare origin and created a load balancer and tested with our testing subdomain in our account

After testing we want to use all the same 3 origin subscription for the actual live domain, but we are unable to do it… as it says the 3 origin is already been used…

we dont want that testing origin nor the tested loadbalancer anymore and we had disabled it, as it was for testing purpose before doing any change s in live… still it showing the origin in use…

Hey, I have a similar issue.

Can you try deleting the Origins?
In my case I can disable the origin but that won’t help.
You need to delete those.

My thread is here , you may see similar error while deleting the Origins

@MVP Could anyone help in this.
This seems like a UI bug or not enough control.

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