Load balancer - multiple monitors for pool


would it be possible to assign multiple monitors for a pool? I describe you my case.

I have a primary webserver A ( and a secondary webserver B ( with multiple sites (e.g. domain-a.com, domain-b.com, domain-c.com) hosted on both. Both servers are identical and the data is replicated once a day.

Now I want to setup a load balancer for each domain. I setup a pool for webserver A and a pool for webserver B. If domain-a.com have a problem I want that it fails over to webserver B, but domain-b.com and domain-c.com remain on webserver a. Configuring this for one domain is no problem, but my problem is that when I configure multiple load balancers the monitor changes for all pools in all load balancers and not only for the pool in the actual load balancer.

Can you please implement, that the monitor of a pool is not connected to the pool itself in order that I can set different monitors for the same pool in different load balancers?

Maybe there is another solution? If I have to create for every domain a own pool it get a bit messed up.

Thanks in advance,

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