Load balancer monitors in one pool with 3 origins

I have created a load balancer with 1 pool and 3 origins (the pool points to login.domain.com, and the 3 servers have the domains dom1.domain.com dm2.domain.com and dom3. domain.com)

I don’t have a second pool.

MY 3 servers are syncing the DB in background in real time.

Using the DNS load balance I want to access any of the 3 servers by random, which seems to be working.

I am now stuck with the monitor, if running 3 servers/origins in one pool. I can create a monitor with the login.domain.com front pointed domain, than it will not check the 3 servers. If I create 3 monitors for my 3 servers, I can only attach one monitor to the pool.

How can I please get one pool with 3 origins to check health for each origin, and remove one of the servers from the DNS if the monitor shows one of the 3 server down.


What you are asking for is the normal behaviour. The monitor is attached to the pool and the same health checks are performed against all Origins in the pool.

Can you give a screenshot of your Pool configuration? Are you not seeing the Monitor Health Checks on all three Origin servers?

What I do is just create a pool for each origin so you can assign separate Load Balanacer health checks. Though @michael is right that all origins in a pool are health checked.

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ok, so you use 3 pools, with one origin each, so it will failover to another pool, and not within a pool.


HI Michael,

thanx for your reply, I have added the screenshots how i made the monitor, for the 3 origins in the pools.

The all use the same API endpoint.

Here is the config of my 3 origins in the pool, not proxied since the proxy returns an SSL connection error

here the monitor attached

than i have defined my monitor with API endpoint https and port

the test for the endpooints works on the LB subdomain , and the 3 orgiin domains

Looking at my monitor it gives me this error, the URL with API endpoints are correct

I am not sure what I am missing


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