Load balancer limits make no sense. (Same origins, different pool)

I’ll start by explaining what I’m trying to achieve and what my scenario is:

I want to setup a active-passive failover with 2 origins, main one being a server at home and the backup one being a VPS on Hetzner Cloud. I want to set up multiple load-balancers for multiple subdomains (login.example.com, idm.example.com). I have a plan that supports up to 2 origins, 20 pools and 20 load balancers. I wanted to create 2 load balancers and 2 pools for each subdomain, each pool having its own different health check monitor for the service it’s trying to balance the load of.

The problem I am encountering is that it seems that I am limited to 2 origins even if they are the same 2 across multiple pools. That means that with the same 2 origins I can only create 1 pool. Now what I am trying to figure out is what is the point of having a limit to 20 LBs and 20 Pools with 2 origins when I am only able to use these 2 origins in 1 pool?


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Does this actually mean that with the $5 plan I can only load-balance a single website?