Load balancer limits make no sense. (Same origins, different pool)

I’ll start by explaining what I’m trying to achieve and what my scenario is:

I want to setup a active-passive failover with 2 origins, main one being a server at home and the backup one being a VPS on Hetzner Cloud. I want to set up multiple load-balancers for multiple subdomains (login.example.com, idm.example.com). I have a plan that supports up to 2 origins, 20 pools and 20 load balancers. I wanted to create 2 load balancers and 2 pools for each subdomain, each pool having its own different health check monitor for the service it’s trying to balance the load of.

The problem I am encountering is that it seems that I am limited to 2 origins even if they are the same 2 across multiple pools. That means that with the same 2 origins I can only create 1 pool. Now what I am trying to figure out is what is the point of having a limit to 20 LBs and 20 Pools with 2 origins when I am only able to use these 2 origins in 1 pool?


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Does this actually mean that with the $5 plan I can only load-balance a single website?

You can point multiple load-balancers at the same pool. So you have one pool that has 2 origins and multiple load balancers point to that pool. You can have multiple monitors checking the health of each service independently, but if it marks an origin as unhealthy all the traffic will be routed away from it, even for services that may not be broken.

Yup, I figured that, this wouldn’t work for me, I cancelled my payment.