Load balancer IP address

Can I point a domains root (A) record at the IP Address returned by pinging the cloudflare load balancer hostname, or does this Ip change?

What is the correct way to handle root (A) records when the clients DNS is hosted away from cloudflare?

Hi @aaron.sadler,

That does not sound like a supported configuration. Cloudflare won’t let you CNAME to a domain unless it’s in the same account or configured using Custom Hostnames.

There is no guarantee that the public IP will be the same, and it won’t be supported to just point a domain to Cloudflare’s IP addresses without an Enterprise agreement and dedicated IPs.

I’ve got support to remove the CNAME restriction so that’s solved.

I did think that just pointing to the ip address wouldn’t work, just thought I’d ask and see how others have solved this issue.

It sounds as if you may want to look into Cloudflare for SaaS Providers | Cloudflare


I’ll have a look at that

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