Load Balancer, How does the TCP Monitor work


we have setup Cloudflare Load balancing with 2 origins and a monitor.

There is very little documentation around the monitor and we would like to better understand how they work

How is the request done in a TCP monitor?
Our server was not responsive, what Clouflare would normally show as a 521 or 522 error if there wasn’t a load balancer. But the monitor was still showing “healthy”. TCP seem to work if the origin address is an IP address or a proper name.

What is the best practice for “origin” address in a pool, an IP address or a domain ?

TCP check, checks to see if the port is listening. An HTTP monitor can be configured to expect a certain status code or for text on a page. In general… websites would be best served by http checks and non-http services (e.g. SMTP) by TCP port checks.

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