Load Balancer host header isn’t always applied

I have just purchased a load balancer and have created two origin servers, one in Azure and one in Scaleway, which both require host headers to work. However, intermittently the host header is not applied and I get an error from the cloud host. About 1 in 20 requests fails in this manner.

I removed the MoreHelp tag, what am I doing wrong?

How is this manifesting itself? Is the web page not rendering? Is there a specific asset that isn’t being rendered? Have you confirmed the requesting IP is a Cloudflare one for those requests?

You can try it yourself here:


Or watch a video of me refreshing my browser here:

If Azure doesn’t receive the host header it returns a 404, if Scaleway fails then CF displays a 525 error.

Can I ask for @MoreHelp now?

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