Load balancer help needed

Hello - I’m trying out Load balancer feature for my needs.

Little background: I have two nodes which has three service running on it. Basically its same setup on both nodes. I have couple of domains and Would like to setup LB for each domain respectively.

What I have did so far?

  • Created a monitor for each domain
  • Created origin pool with two nodes with health check monitor
  • Created LB for each domain using origin pool and health check

The problem I’m facing is - “Unable to configure health check respect to each domain for one origin pool”.

I would like to configure health check against each LB instead of origin pool, how can I configure it??

Cheers, Jeeva

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Hello - Could anyone from Cloudflare respond to this question?

Also where can I look at the LB metrics?

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I was expecting I would get a proper response from Cloudflare for LB product but that’s not the case. Not sure why?

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The best explanation I’d have is “holidays”. Have you tried the official support channel already?


Thanks for your response. An hour ago I created support ticket.

I guess that will be faster than the community your case :worried:

Though lets try it one more time: @cloonan @cs-cf @ryan @SamRhea @KentonVarda

Sorry for no personal response regarding your issue, but no bloody experience with LB myself :smirk:

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Hi @jeeva, yes the holidays did slow thing down a bit! What is your ticket number?

For better or for worse Cloudflare’s LB paradigm a health monitor is checking the health/performance of an origin server in a pool vs. an application/virtual server/micro-service which might be running in parallel on a single server or served through an internal reverse proxy/ load balancer.

So in the default configuration you describe the health of the origin server is independent of the domains which it services. So in the example here: https://support.cloudflare.com/hc/en-us/articles/115000081911-Tutorial-How-to-Set-Up-Load-Balancing-Intelligent-Failover-on-Cloudflare the health monitor is based on lb.moonbrookbowls.club which may or may not be a hostname associated with the hostname being served for the application or a particular domain.

If you believe that when running application A and application B it is possible that application A could die on server 1 while application A remains healthy on that same server then you would want to create 2 (potentially identical pools) for each application and create an appropriate health check for each.

@sandro and @cloonan Thanks for your response.

@cs-cf Thanks for your response. I have read that support article while configuring LB. I have activated my subscription and configured LB on Dec, 30 2018.

Yes, I have proxy server on each node to send traffic to services behind. Setup of node is identical.

Yes, it is possible. Since each application/service is independent.

Background: LB is for my open source project https://aahframework.org, Past two months server started getting more traffic than before (one node), it’s good sign for the project. To give availability and failover project users. I took new VPS from another vendor. Now I have two nodes from two different providers costing $10 month ($5 each for VPS), that lead me to have load balancer.

Initially I thought I could get some basic LB service for free from Cloudflare like DNS, etc. But it turns to be not. Then I looked around; for 2 origin servers, health check from 1 region and 500,000 request would cost $5 per month (hard to find this info without getting your hands dirty/hands on with LB). To give project users availability and failover, I have decided to spend $5 more monthly and activated the LB subscription. Then I learned I cannot create multiple origin pool identical for each domain and cannot have multiple independent health checks with this cost.

The cost is the reason lead me to create this post to get help. Honestly I did not find any other LB service provider for my open source project and I’m unable spend more monthly. At-least with this constraint if I have an independent health check against one origin pool with 2 nodes and multiple domains, I could manage it.

Cheers, Jeeva

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