Load Balancer Generating a configuration map?

For Cloudflare Load balancer wouldn’t it be cool if users could generate a configuration map of their load balancer configuration to help visualise how it all comes together ?



It seems to me that you need to track Origins, Primary/Secondary, Pools, and Geo Steering.

Pencil and paper? But it wouldn’t as cool as an interactive diagram where you could click on a server to fail it and see what happens. Or click on a region to see where their traffic would go.

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Yeah an extension of that would be a interactive diagram. As system admins/backend operators sometimes we forget how foreign the concept of load balancers are to normal users. Sometimes diagrams like these help put everything into perspective :slight_smile:


Very cool idea. We’re starting to look at analytics for load balancing and how we can better show our customers how their traffic is being routed and this seems to fit right in line with that. Would love to hear any other ideas you all have along those lines.

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maybe exposing more metrics from Cloudflare Smart Transit Monitoring and other metrics DNS Analytics extended to Page Speed Analytics?

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