Load balancer for only two origins for failover

Hello everyone,

Hope anyway can help us. We are using Cloudflare load balancer for the only purpose of assuring failover regarding our two Internet lines from two different providers. Nevertheless, during tests we found that Cloudflare seems to be taking more than two minutes to switch from one IP to the other when one of the lines fail and we already have our health check at the minimum Cloudflare accepts (60seg).
Currently we only have two origins and therefore it makes sense for us that we should only need one pool with two origins but during tests the failover (our main purpose for using cf load balancing) didn’t seem to be working when we only had one pool with two origins. Thus, we separated our only two origins in two different pools (each one having only one origin). Does anyone have experience with a similar scenario? Should we use one pool with two origins and have some additional configuration that might have lacked us or two pools each one with one origin? Which architecture can decrease time to switch from one origin to another when one dies?
Thank you very much in advance

You should be able to set 10 sec as the health check interval:

One pool with two origins should be just fine. You don’t have to create multiple pools.

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