Load balancer for a mailserver on different Proxmox nodes?

Hello guys,
I would like to setup a Proxmox HA cluster and I’m not sure if using cloudflares load balancer can make a VM accessible when moved to a different node.
For example, having a 3 node Proxmox cluster. Each node has its own public static IP address.
A mailserver VM is running on node1. One day, node1 should be updated and rebooted, therefore either automatically or manually the mailserver is moved to node2. The typical problem, mailserver is now under a different public IP address.

Current DNS settings (other DNS registrar than Cloudflare): A records pointing to IP address of node1 (*, mail, www, etc.), CNAME records (autoconfig and autodiscover) + some other records ( don’t think they are somehow relevant for this example).

A Cloudflare load balancer, smallest package, has no public static IP address. How I understand it, you have to update your CNAME records to point to cloudflares load balancer. And here I don’t have a lot of experience with DNS Settings, to evaluate how or even if this could work. I guess I would have to remove the above mentioned A and CNAME records, set a CNAME record to redirect everything to the load balancer and inside the load balancer, setup the records again like it was before. At least I hope this is possible that way?

So the load balancer provide the functionality to detect an unresponsive server and ignoring it, right? Means, you would set it up like the mailserver is running on all of the three nodes. It would always run only once on one of the three nodes. The load balancer on the other hand would always see that one available instance of the mailserver and always return its IP address.
Has anyone experience with that, is this working like described with cloudflares load balancer?

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