Load Balancer fake alarm and cahce strange website from the cache

Hi there, I’ve got strange behaviour of load balancer.

I made a two pools with one server (two different hostings) on each for a website in New Zealand.
It was working fine, apart that health check monitor indicates that one of the hosts down, while it is actually not. I understand that it can be a networking issue, firewall of hosting provider and many other things. But real disappointment was when the health check monitor marked both servers as down and Cloudflare started to show content which has nothing common with my website.
So, the situation was:

  1. Healthcheck marked both servers down
  2. Then tried to open my website, but instead of see cached version of my website, Cloudflare showed me a page of the completely different business but under my domain name.

Just wondering if someone else had a similar issue and knows how to deal with that.


Interesting you mention this is on a NZ-based site.

At about the same time you posted this I got email notifications saying both load balance paths to my origin server were down. Looking at the dashboard both IP used by the load balancer showed red.

Funny thing is the site was still working fine. I don’t remember getting the email notifications with the paths being back up but a few minutes later the load balancer showed green for both paths.

At the time I thought it was a bug but didn’t bother raising it up with support unless it happens again.

I use UPTimeRobot and there was no evidence of the site being down at any time.

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