Load balancer expected behavior

I want to ask about the load balancer where I want when IIS on my server gets crashed then another web will act as a replacement, I have more than 1 IIS if I turn off cloudfare IIS does not read other IIS, is this the expected behavior or any other settings you missed?!
Screenshot at Aug 26 21-22-35|690x187


If you have a loadbalancer setup such that there are two origins in a single pool, both showing as healthy, and then one of them is put offline, new requests will flow to the healthy origin. This should happen automatically.

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yes i have load balancer setup. i use load balancer in the cloudfare. that it enough?

Do you have two instances of IIS running on the same IP? You can’t have multiple ports on multiple origins for the same load balancer, as far as I know, so you either have multiple IPs or you need to figure things out differently…

no sir i have different ip. i have 2 two iIIS running on on server, and two IIS running and different server too. on each server have 1 ip and ofcource different ip.

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