Load Balancer & EV SSL (Pro Plan)


We are very confused on exactly how to setup our EV SSL certificate on 2 node app server with CF load balancer. We are also forwarding the DNS to cloudflare.
We have a pro plan recently purchase & also load balancer plan.

How exactly we need to proceed ?

  1. Shall we install the certificate on both the APP server and the load balancer will directly use it ?
  2. Shall we have to configure something from the CF side ? If yes than what ?

To use an external certificate on Cloudflare would require a Business Plan or above to be able to load the certificate onto Cloudflare’s edge. For a :grey: load balancer which bypasses Cloudflare yu would install the cert directly ont he origin. If the record is proxied (:orange:) then it will by default use the free SSL cert Cloudflare issued. TO bring your own cert would require a plan upgrade and then you can import it on the SSL/TLS tab.

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Worth noting work is being done towards a solution for having to upload a certificate, and will likely be open to all plans if more browsers implement it and more CAs allow the extension:

This being universally supported by browsers is likely a few years away, though.

So if i buy the EDGE certificate (DEDICATED with custom hostname) will that provide CUSTOM SSL to me ? (I know EV SSL is not possible but atleast general SSL with PRO plan?)

To simply have TLS/SSL you don’t need to pay anything. This provided you don’t want EV (why would you, unless required by regulations, which is unfortunately still a thing?) or a subdomain which isn’t the root or covered by the root wildcard (*.example.com).


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