Load balancer Custom Rules not visible (also)

as per

I cannot set the Custom Rules - using a Pro account - do you need enterprise?

No response on the post above?

thanks, Scott

Thanks Scott - you’re the first reply. I did eventually get a response from CF stating that this is not available currently and was only previously available for beta users for a short period of time.

It was the reference to it in the load balancer docs that confused me - I guess that really should be removed from the docs until the feature is live. They’ve said it may be rolled out in Q2 this year.


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thanks … got a request raised with them … good to know though.

so response from Cloudflare again confirms roll out in Q2

Our current Load Balancing feature does not have that option available for any of our plans. There was an option for a small subset of people to Beta test the new feature but has since been closed. We are looking to release this feature to our customers in Q2 2021 and will post a blog post once it is available.


Thanks Scott - that could be in 21 days if it’s at the start of Q2. Let’s hope so!

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