Load Balancer Billing

Is there limitation of LB records in 1 free(website subscription) and 5$/mount (subscription plan in Load Balancing)? I can’t add more than 20 records.

Just based on the pricing page https://www.cloudflare.com/plans/#expandall under “performance”:

Up to 2 origin servers: $5/month

Up to 4 origin servers: $10/month addtl.

Up to 6 origin servers: $15/month addtl.

Do you mean 20 origin servers, or 20 different DNS names that go to Load Balancers?

I mean 20 different DNS names for Load Balancers

So was this question ever answered?
I am facing also same issue.
Have 20 dns records to 1 pool.
And can’t create any more DNS records (balancers)