Load balancer and tracking DNS queries

In the past, I’ve used Cloudflare’s “free” round-robin of DNS A records, but the server load balance was always off, giving far more traffic to one origin than another. So I’ve given the (paid) load balancer feature a try. So far, it’s distributed traffic much much more evenly, to the point that it appears that I can reduce the number of origin servers – more than paying for the load balancer. Cool!

But not wanting to get a surprise bill, I would like to keep track of the DNS queries. I wouldn’t expect to reach anywhere near 500K queries given the origins are proxied and the TTL is 5 minutes, but I cannot find anywhere in the dashboard UI where the running total is shown.

I’ve enabled notifications for “Notify when total number of DNS Queries exceeds” at 300K, so presumably I’d be given a heads up. Even so, I’d like to check the running total, if only to know the typical DNS queries week-to-week.

If someone can point me to where this is shown in the dashboard (or even an API), that’d be great. Thanks!

For reference Load balancing DNS queries if traffic originates within CF calls out a problem of unexpectedly high DNS queries, but doesn’t mention how to monitor the running total.

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