Load balance wordpress sites and keep sync

I have been trying to find the answer for this but cannot come up with the solution.

Yes I know loadbalancing for wordpress is overkill especially on a smaller site. However, I have a use case for this.

I have sussed out how to use the Cloudflare loadbalancer ect ect. Seems straight forward. However, I cannot find documentation anywhere that instructs how to actually setup and utilse a second web hosting provider with a copy of my site on the second server.

  1. I have to two seperate cPanel hosts avaliable to me.
  2. Site is already well established on my current cPanel host
  3. How to setup the site on the second server and keep eveerything in sync, content, database, plugins
  4. How woukd the “Domain” be setup on the second server?

Can anyone provide a solution for this?

I hope someday cPanel will finally come out with a packaged load balance solution. For now it looks like cloudfare is best bet and solution.

No. I am not interested in moving to AWS or using litesale or HA proxy

Want to use Cloudflare.

How to setup the wp site on second sever and keep sync ?

Loadbalancer on two cPanel? :thinking:
Are you limited by the PHP process or I/O so you have to use two cPanel hosting?
Why not using one “better” or rather a VPS and optimize web server, MySQL, PHP, etc. performance with a caching plugin for WordPress? :thinking:

Using 80 WordPress websites on the same server, from which 2 have daily sum of 15k visitors, server load under 1.5.

Might be multiple things to consider, if so:

  1. Hosting / Server (disk, ram, network, cpu …)
  2. OS optimization
  3. Web server / MySQL optimization
  4. Web app (code) optimization + caching
  5. Using some CND above it / Cloudflare

Not sure how much images you have but if a lot, then you could run into some issue like Cloudflare timeout 522 error or similar if the server doesn’t copy all of them in a desired time of 100s or so (need to use unproxied :grey: hostname for that).

Otherwise, migration from cPanel to cPanel is ok.

Nevertheless, it’s a question about sync, hm …


I was not asking about limitations ect ect. I know about this.

The question is simple.

If I can get two wordpress sites to sync everything. I can simply use Cloudflare load balance.

So the once more the question, regardless of hosting server type. How can I get both the sites to snyc and just use the clouflare load balancer.

I found some kina plugin called wpsyncro or something like that. it does fully automatic syncs. However, I dont think this a hardened solution

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