Load Balance via CNAME


we offer our customers to use custom domains on apps hosted on our service by setting a CNAME to our load balancer lb.ourlb.com . We now look for a way to have an external load balancer pointing to our platform (multiple servers which redirect traffic to the right app server).

I created a load balancer on CF lb.mycflb.com and connected an origin. Then I created a random subdomain whatever.example.com and pointed it to the lb.mycflb.com via CNAME. When i try whatever.example.com i get

Error 1001 Ray ID: 4889df80d200c4b0 • 2018-12-13 16:40:32 UTC

DNS resolution error

What I expect to happen: whatever.example.com goes through lb.mycflb.com then to our origin with the host header of whatever.example.com and our system delivers the site.

When I choose “DNS only” it works but I would like to use proxied mode.

What i am doing wrong?



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