Load balance over multiple ISP to one Internal server

I am trying to get load balancing across multiple ISP’s into our datacenter to a single on premise server. I have a NAT policy on my firewall that routes inbound 443 on either IP to the correct server. However, when setting it up in Cloudflare, it asks for seperate origins. Since I need a single origin over multiple IP routes, how do I go about doing this?

I have set up A records with and got a health check to pass with two of those, but when I try and use the Load Balanced url, it fails to find a host name.

Basically you just put two IP addresses as two origins.

I must be missing something because it asks for name which does not accept the same name. Then it allows me to put in two different IP’s as the destination. When I do that though, it doesn’t route any traffic and the monitors fail.

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