Load Balance Monitors for Different Load-Balanced Endpoints (Same Underlying Servers / Pools)

We host multiple applications on the same servers that each need independent monitoring for synthetic health checks. How do we define different monitors for each load-balanced endpoint? Right now whenever we change a monitor, it overwrites the entire pool.

We have the same setup only what we do is we create a Load Balancer for each endpoint with its own origin pool even though that origin all point to the same server. Then we create a separate monitor too. It was easy to manage for us since we use Terraform Modules to create all these per endpoint. We pass the endpoint URL to the module and it creates a set of all the resources.


Doesn’t that significantly increase your costs? I.e. if you have ten applications with 4 origins, that would be 40 endpoints essentially?

Create a monitor on your origin which checks the health of the services and returns a healthy or unhealthy status. Monitor for the health of the origin from Cloudflare based on the healthy / unhealthy status returned by the origin server.


@mbw We have an Enterprise Plan. Our current limit us to 20 origins and 100 Pools/LB.

Got it. That might be what I need to do to resolve this issue.