Load Balance for two websites or domains

I have two websites configured on CloudFlare, each using different servers. For one of them I activated load balance, I would like to know if I can create a new load balancer for the other website without having to purchase the service again.

Are you on Enterprise plan?

If not, I guess you need to purchase one for every load balancer you want to set up.

Do you need an Enterprise plan to CNAME to another domain on your account? I have an LB on origin.example.com, and www.example.org points to origin.example.com without issue.

Thanks for reminding this.

But the OP mentioned about this:

The main reason I asked about Enterprise plan is because he might already has some sort of contract that includes a number of load balancers - which is included per account, so he can use it freely across zones inside the same account.

But I guess most Enterprise customers will just ask their CSM so this question mostly probably will not apply to OP in this case.

Thanks for the collaboration, I am on a Free plan and paid the load balance separately, this gives me 20 balancers, 20 pools and 2 origins.

This is what I plan
Server B is accessed when Server A fail
Server A is accessed when Server B fail
Each is in a different pool.

Now example1.com (on server A) has a record (type A) in the DNS pointing to XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX and example2.com (on server B) has a record (type A) in the DNS pointing to YYY.YYY.YYY.YYY.

Each website has a backup installation on the other server.

Can I create lb1.example1.com and lb2.example2.com and configure the entry example1.com for lb1.example1.com and example2.com for lb2.example2.com in the DNS? What type do I use in this configuration, A or CNAME?

Why not just use example1.com and example2.com directly in the load balancer configuration without creating additional DNS records?

I did some tests, what worked for me was:

The name of the load balancer must have the domain where LB was contracted. So I configured the CNAME type DNS entries with lb1.example1.com for example1.com and lb2.example1.com for example2.com

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