Load Balance: Do I need 1 for each record?

Hi, I’m planning on using CloudFlare load balance for my DR solution.
Lets say I have these DNS records:


I would like to load balance them between 2 IP’s:

Now, for the IP’s, I understand that each IP is a ‘Pool Origin’…?
My business subscription allows me to create up to 2 origins, so I’m fine with that.
But if the issue is that I’m only allowed to create 20 Load Balancers? I mean, Each load balancer is 1 A record for example or I’m mistaken?
I have around 50 A records I want to load balance, I need 50 load balancers then?

Thank you

If all intended DNS record hostnames point to same origin server IP and origin server has appropriate hostname vhosts configured for proper routing, then you can technically use the same CF loadbalancer for the DNS record hostnames.

So if you created a load balanced called lb1.api.com with origins in pool being and and each origin server had hostnames setup for test1.api.com and test2.api.com to route traffic to the correct place, then you can just create CNAME pointing to lb1.api.com

  • test1.api.com CNAME to lb1.api.com load balancer
  • test2.api.com CNAME to lb1.api.com load balancer and so forth

Should technically work if origin server has all your intended 50x DNS records setup to routine correctly as CNAME not A records. Then you only need to create 1x load balancer lb1.api.com to point all 50x CNAMEs to the load balancer.

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Nice! seems to work just fine! Thank you