Load balance DNS setup

Hi all,

I’ve just setup load balancing with a lb name of www.mywebsite.com and its showing in the DNS, however i also have some other DNS records for the website and i’m not sure if all (or any) traffic is flowing through the LB

my dns records look like this
LB www.mysite.com
A * - IPofWebsite
A website.com - IPofWebsite
A www - IPofWebsite

I’m only on the basic package at the moment so cant see any other load balancing logging. Does the LB capture the traffic entered in the browser for mywebsite.com and www.mywebsite.com?


The Load Balancer would only capture the traffic for the hostname that it is based on, so the others would not match this so would use the normal DNS records.

thanks, so how do i get it to go through the LB when the user doesn’t type www. infront of the site, ie if they just use the root name mywebsite.com ?

also to add to this, my other DNS records are still there so how do i make sure the traffic is actually using the LB and not just the existing DNS ?


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